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I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, married and I have two beautiful daughters. In Rio de Janeiro, I used to work for the Brazilian Government. Due to my husband’s profession, we relocated to Sweden, back to Brazil and since 2015 we live in the beautiful North Carolina.

Since then, Brazilian Golden Grass has been my business. It is part of my history and I would love to share it with you! I hope you enjoy it!


During a family trip to the North of Brazil in 2011 I had the opportunity to be in contact for the first time with Golden Grass Jewelry and ornaments. I can still remember how enchanted I was… It was incredible how those people could make such amazing pieces using a natural and local resources. 


They were happy and talked proudly about how the Golden Grass changed their lives. These handcrafts are the main source of income for many families.

Of course, I bought many items and loved it. I became a fan of the jewels: beautiful, elegant, light, resistant, and fashionable nowadays I use it in any occasion.


Then since I moved to the US, friends, acquaintances and even people I do not know ask me about my accessories. After all the support and encouragement given by my family and friends, in 2016 I was prepared to release my own online store: Brazilian Golden Grass. At our online store you will find a wide collection of Golden Grass handcrafts. Each piece are carefully selected by me and sent from Brazilian suppliers.


Now, anyone all over US territory, can have the most beautiful “Golden Grass” Jewelry & ornaments directly at home.

Be beautiful and confident with Brazilian Golden Grass.

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